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Thyme to get tidy

by Nicole Foster

Imagine coming home from work, unlocking the front door, and being greeted by the gentle scent of lavender.  The floors are mopped.  The carpets are vacuumed.  The kitchen counters are spotless and even the marinara sauce plastered inside the microwave has vanished.  A luminous bathtub seems to whisper, “Welcome home.  Please, let me hold you.”  This isn’t the scene of a miracle; Michelle Boyle and her team of Green Genies has visited.

Boyle, 27, is the founder of Green Genies.  The title serves as both the name of the company and the term the crew playfully refer to themselves as.  Their task?  To clean homes thoroughly using only natural products; harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances don’t exist in their world.  Scents such as sage, citrus, thyme and lavender subtly


Boyle relaxing after a day of cleaning/Nicole Foster

float in the air in the Genies’ wake and are derived from 100 percent natural essential oils, not aerosol sprays. Read more…


Helping the homeless: Madison Theatre hosts donation drive

by Kyle Pratt

With winter approaching, a musician is playing at the Madison Theatre to raise money and collect winter clothing for the homeless. Rhett Tyler, a blues guitarist, is the son of a steel mill worker who remembers seeing people living in steel huts in Ohio, and having the desire to help them.


Rhett Tyler is a Hall of Fame blues musician that is dedicated to helping the homeless./Courtesy of John Brodersen

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, and a current resident of Albany, Tyler has lived all around the country, and has been recognized by many as a talented blues musician.

“I am a master in the blues hall of fame,” Tyler said, “but basically I play all styles of music.” Read more…

DiPiazza dazzles Dove, wins prestigious coaching award

by Justin Porreca

He stood amongst his players, clad in royal blue Nike Albany High Gear. Sweat pants and a hoodie with the letter “A” emblazoned on the chest in black, he stood tall before them, yet they were larger in size. However, on this day—nothing and nobody was bigger than coach Joey DiPiazza.


Coach Joey DiPiazza marches up the track with his players to a roaring applause/Justin Porreca

At one end of the track he stood under an arch of translucent white and powder blue Dove Men + Care Deodorant balloons and at the other end a slew of media members, administration and key community figures were all awaiting to shower him with congratulatory praise for his highest coaching achievement—the Dove Men + Care Deodorant Caring Coach of the Year Award. Read more…

Pancake breakfast for a cause

Annese Bleichert

A pancake breakfast and a garage sale to raise money to build a well in Tanzania took place Saturday morning in the cafeteria of the Pine Hills Elementary School.

The project was started in memory of Mary Stella Greco,the aunt of a teacher at Pine Hills Elementary, who spent her life helping others around the world through missionary work and monetary donations, Pine Hills Elementary students are continuing her legacy by working to raise money to create a freshwater well in Tanzania.


Volunteering students at the Pine Hills Elementary School working at the bake sale. /Annese Bleichert

The fundraiser charged $5 for a choice of plain or chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, hash browns and juice and ran from 8 a.m. until noon. Read more…

Pine Hills Neighborhood Meeting: Quail Project

Evelyn Andrade

The Quail Street Green Infrastructure Project was the focus of Thursday night’s Pine Hills Neighborhood Association meeting. Water Commissioner, Joe Coffey and engineer Neil O’Conner from the water department, talked about what has been done and what will be done to mitigate water damage from heavy storms.

Their project has been designed to target the flooding on Quail and minimize the runoff water in the sewers. About $2.8 million has been invested in this project that began in late August and is about two-thirds done. Additional work will continue on Quail between Washington and Central avenues through April 2016. Read more…