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2Communique comes to the Pine Hills

November 18, 2015

by Elizabeth Valentin


Owners and employees at 2Communique; Chris St. Cyr, Goodness Okoro, Kelly Murray, Morgan Jordan/Elizabeth Valentin

A design firm has recently relocated to Madison Avenue between Ontario and Quail streets. The firm, owned by husband and wife, Chris St. Cyr and Kelly McMurray, works with clients to recreate the image of their brand. They redesign company pamphlets, catalogs and informational material to give a brand new life and, potentially a new or larger audience.
When building a design for a specific company or brand, the workers at 2Communique “look at any existing material that a client might have,” said McMurray. By reviewing previous publications helps them to have a sense of how a client has previously communicated with their audiences. This process also provides background so that the designers have an idea of how to move forward.
Recreating a brand requires extensive research on the part of the workers at 2Communique. They look at competitors a client might have.
“We read everything within three issues so that we understand the content within a page or within a section,” said McMurray. A typical redesign takes about four months to complete.


Client Wall at 2Communique/Elizabeth Valentin


2Communque has done redesigns for clients including: Tufts Office of Publication, Pingree Magazine, Hillbook School, Woodstock Magazine, and Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School.
When redesigning material for a school, in particular, McMurray likes to conduct interviews to get to know the schools and the students. Interviews yield information that helps 2 Communique design college forms that students fill out for school to become more conversational. The goal for college catalogs and forms is to make the student feel as though they are sharing information with a friend.
2Communique then integrates social media into the questionnaires to encourage interactivity with students. They write school forms “without market speak,” said St. Cyr.2Communique-300x225
2Communique has attracted 95% of its clients through word-of-mouth. They also conduct outreach conferences to appeal to a larger audience. The firm also focuses on social media and can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn. They do not use traditional advertising like radio or print ads.
“We want people to get to know us through thought leadership and recognition that we receive, rather than through advertisement,” said McMurray.
2Communique first opened in 1997 and has been located in Boston, Denver, Sarasota, FL, and, now, Albany. The company is currently working on becoming certified as a woman owned business.
Morgan Jordan, senior designer at 2Communique, has been working for the firm since 2012. She designs different projects every day that are similar in style to one another. “I love it here. It’s very relaxed here, everyone has input and a say in everything; it’s collaborative,” said Jordan.
When they are not working at 2Communique, McMurray and St. Cyr work with college students. McMurray is an adjunct professor at The College of Saint Rose. She taught business, ethics, and the finer points of design.
“Students may love design, but may not have business expertise,” said McMurray. She wants them to understand that clients are real people. “I want people to know that clients are not pixel monkeys, but are creative partners.” -30-


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