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Juniors Bar and Grill: More Than What You Bargain For

November 9, 2015

by Annese Bleichert

ALBANY, November 5, 2015_Eating greasy burgers and wings while doing a cheers with your mug of beer is just the beginning of things done at Juniors Bar and Grill after happy hour. When Monday and Thursday nights come around, Trivia Night takes over this bar and grill on Madison Ave.

Bars are always looking for ways to boost their business, particularly on weeknights since they tend to be the slowest. “Juniors crowd on Trivia night is estimated of about 50 people just around the bar”, according to Brittany Sperbeck a hostess at Juniors, with their trivia nights, offering prizes, competition, friendship and a different sort of fun during the week. Trivia fever is spreading quickly, with an increasing number of restaurant-bars hosting several different games each week.

“Both of the trivia’s that we’ve had for some time bring in a good crowd of about 10 teams each week. That can also vary depending on what football, baseball, hockey, or basketball teams are playing on those nights,” said Mackenzie Zajac, the general manager at Juniors.

“People really get into it, especially with the regulars” Sperbeck laughed “the crowd is ranged with people from 21 to 30 years old so it’s really funny to see how enthusiastic people get over it.”

Juniors offers many different experiences throughout the week that are available for anyone to attend.

Monday there is Memorama Team Trivia with Ben, one of the trivia hosts from 8 p.m to 1 p.m. This has six rounds with 10 questions with two double point rounds that your team can pick. The prizes are of course a pitcher of beer for the winner of each round and a $25 bar tab for the overall winner based on the number of points the team has earned.

Thursdays Trivia Nights are Live with Baker, one of the other trivia hosts at Juniors from 10 p.m- to Midnight. It’s a 20 question team trivia and each question is worth a point. Correct answers equal plus points and incorrect answers equal minus points. Whichever team has the highest score at the end, wings a $25 bar tab.

“It’s so awesome seeing all different types of people all different age groups from the community come to the same event and compete against each other,” Zajac said.


Panorama view of Juniors Bar & Grill on Madison Ave./Annese Bleichert

“As far as preparation goes, the only thing we do is post on our social medias; Instagram and Facebook,” stated Zajac. Trivia night runs throughout the entire restaurant along with the bar side and there are TVs all over so you can see all of the trivia games at just about every angle no matter where you are seated.

“The nights where there are Trivia Nights there could be a wait of up to an hour because typically people will come and claim a table until the Trivia has ended” Sperbeck said “so the wait is sometimes very long”.

“Juniors is a fun place to either relax and have a drink with a friend or come in on one of the Trivia nights for laughs and get rowdy with a group of friends. Whatever you like to do at other bars and grills, I believe it can be done at Juniors,” Zajac said.


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