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Dan’s Place Two: An original

April 16, 2015

by Lolita Avila

The Emmy Burger is only $7.65/Lolita Avila

The Emmy Burger is only $7.65/Lolita Avila

Prime breakfast and lunch hours are especially busy when only a two person crew runs the kitchen.  Donna Bloomfield and  her brother Tom Deuel are the machines behind Dan’s Place Two. This old-fashioned style diner has been feeding Albany residents for decades. Their “beat the house breakfast’ and the ‘Emmy burger’ are their most popular dishes.

This family owned business is in its 27th year at the Washington Ave location after spending 11 years at 460 Madison. During the transition of venues, they added the “Two” to their name. Washington Avenue  brought a fresh start to their business.

Bloomfield inherited the diner from her mother Donna Deuel and her mother’s former business partner Dan Mahoney, for whom  the diner is named. Prior to becoming the head of the diner, Bloomfield  pursued nursing for a few years.  However, when her mother passed she decided to take charge of the business and ever since then, she and Deuel have worked hard to honor their mother’s legacy.

Dan’s Place Two is open six days a week from the early morning until the late afternoon.

“We don’t get sick,” Bloomfield said.

Vacation time comes in August when business is slow. They use this opportunity to take a break from all the fast paced moving.

What makes this restaurant different from other local food places is the simplicity.

Tom Deuel making a coffee for customers./LolitaAvila

Tom Deuel making a coffee for customers./LolitaAvila

“We are not fancy at all,” said Bloomfield.

She prides herself and her business on keeping the customers happy by giving them exactly what they want.  The diner serves a variety of daily specials including  homemade soups, baked chicken, tuna melts and much more.

“We do not just precook food and throw it back on the grill,” Dave Bloomfield said.

Dave,is Donna’s son and practically grew up in the diner. About once a week he comes in to help out by busing tables and washing dishes.

One regular customer, William Bland  has been eating at the restaurant for more than four years.  He orders the popular “beat the house” breakfast platter which includes three eggs, a heaping load of home fries, and a choice of bacon or sausage.

“It’s nice to have real food unlike places like McDonald’s, you never know what you are eating,” said Bland.

Fresh food is always available at Dan’s Place Two./Lolita Avila

Fresh food is always available at Dan’s Place Two./Lolita Avila

One of Bland’s favorite parts of the restaurant is the customer service. He never feels uncomfortable  sending food back if he is dissatisfied.

“A plain and simple diner. That’s where you get your best meals at anyway, the other ones don’t care,” said Bland.

Inside the diner,  the daily newspapers are scattered on tables for customers to read. Wall signs read “Family and Friends” and “No Profanity.”   Bloomfield’s mother made the “No Profanity” sign years ago to keep the peace. She always wanted to maintain a friendly and cozy atmosphere.

Although, Bloomfield gave up her nursing career she said she has no regrets. Over the years, she has grown to love her job and more importantly her customers. It is safe to say Dan’s Place Two will always be an Albany original.-30


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