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Victors crowned at Thrones trivia

April 9, 2015

by Nicole Foster

As strangers poured in to the room, one fact was for certain: they were prepared to compete.  Nearly 60 self-professed experts formed teams and were ready for Albany Public Library’s first ever Game of Thrones Trivia Night.  Rows of tables had been set up in the community room at the Washington Avenue location, reminiscent of the show’s epic Red Wedding scene.  The only slaughtering done Wednesday night, though, was of people’s egos, since only one team could win.

Winning Team/Nicole Foster

Winning Team/Nicole Foster

After two hours of relentless questions, scene re-enactments, high-fives, and flawless pronunciations of names like Daenerys Targaryen and Harrenhal, Team House Baratheon was named champion of the contest with 210 points.  The group decided since they won, they are officially the Capital District’s Game of Thrones virtuosos.

“We didn’t do anything to train for this,” said Cara Longobadi, 32, the team spokesperson.  “But we’ve all watched each episode two times.”

The event took several weeks to create, according to Jim Davies, 36, the reference and local history librarian.  For years he wanted to host a trivia night about the show, and as season five begins in a few days, he took advantage of the hype.

“I only know a handful of people here,” said Davies.  “The vast majority of them I’ve never seen before.  This is bringing a new crowd to the library.”

Though many sweatshirts were worn with the threatening phrase “Winter is coming”, most of the fans dressed casually.  One participant stood out, however.

Kate Moakler/Nicole Foster

Kate Moakler/Nicole Foster

A black cape swirled around her shoulders and a dark feathered mask covered her face.  Kate Moakler, 26, dressed as the 3-eyed raven and won a Hodor coffee mug for her efforts.

“We’re nerds,” said Moakler of she and her team.  “We watch the show, read the books, and drink the beer.”

Leah Lafera, 32, emceed the trivia contest and is a librarian in Schenectady and best friends with Davies.  She and Davies have collaborated in the past to bring an adult spelling bee and geography quiz to the Pine Hills branch.  She kept the crowd on task and jokingly announced know-it-alls would lose points after one participant overindulged everyone with his Game of Thrones wisdom.

Team House Mallister/Nicole Foster

Team House Mallister/Nicole Foster

At one point she asked the night’s connoisseurs what other trivia events they would like to attend.  Players shouted Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Gilmore Girls.

After the champions were named and handed flashy Game of Thrones themed prizes, the once fierce competitors filed peacefully out of the room, heading home to prepare for season five.  As they left, Lafera grabbed the microphone one last time and said, “Tell your friends what a fabulous time you had at the library!” -30-


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