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Sutton law firm

April 6, 2015

by Paige DeSorbo

One Pine Hills lawyer, Michael Sutton, specializes in criminal, family, and matrimonial law and runs a busy law office. He has tried hundreds of felony cases and carries 50 to 70 cases a year, half of those are criminal cases. Suttons likes criminal cases because they are more exciting than a typical divorce case or drawing up contracts. He doesn’t just represent criminals, he also advocates for children.

Michael Sutton/ Paige DeSorbo

Michael Sutton/ Paige DeSorbo

Sutton’s name appears on the assigned counsel list where he is appointed by family court to represent clients who are unable to retain council for themselves, mostly children. He also serves on the Fulton and Montgomery County Attorneys for Children panels, where judges assign him to represent children.

Criminal law is Sutton’s favorite to practice and some of those case make him most  proud. He has gone to trial on five felony cases and two of them resulting in complete acquittal, two of those  cases were reduced to a conviction on lesser charges. According to Sutton, only a fraction of criminal cases go to trial, 90 percent of them are resolved with a plea bargain.

Sutton originally started his business on Hamilton Street in Albany but after five years moved to the Pine Hills more than three years ago. His office on Madison Avenue is now centrally located, and clients can find him because of the nearby landmarks.

Sutton spends most of his days and nights in court. He works on cases in Albany, Saratoga, Rensselaer, Fulton, Schenectady, and Montgomery counties.

“One interesting part of my job is I can be in three different courts in three different counties on any given day,” Sutton said.

A longtime friend and colleague, attorney Kelly Hoyt, who sometimes works with Sutton, trusts him with all her legal affairs as well as refers Sutton to clients.

“Michael possesses a perfect balance of knowledge of the law, practical skills, and common sense,” Hoyt said.

Sutton is beginning his eleventh year as a lawyer licensed in both New York and Massachusetts. He shares his office space at 736 Madison Ave. with social worker David Rossetti. The two have known each other for 10 years and Rossetti said Sutton is committed to his work

“He has high ethics and most of all he cares about every one of his clients,” Rossetti said.

Sutton is a product of the 3-and-3 program through the University at Albany and Albany Law. He graduated in 2004 and was then admitted to the state bar in 2005.

Originally from New Paltz, the importance of education was instilled in him at a young age.  Sutton’s grandparents lived across the street from him growing up and would have tricks to teaching him while he played at there house.

“I thought we were just playing cards but little did I know they were teaching me math,” Sutton said.

His education grew from there and he learned he wanted to be a lawyer and make a difference.

“The fun part of being an attorney is that the law is a living thing. It evolves, it adapts, changes and grows,” Sutton said.

Sutton visits his family whenever he can and sometimes that means once every two months. He just signed up for his 5th consecutive 15k race in Utica. Sutton enjoys Albany and all it has to offer including events at the Empire State Plaza, and hiking in Thatcher Park,

“Having done college and law school locally, I still have many friends in the area to go out to eat brunch, dinners, and see movies with,” Sutton said.-30-


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