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Albany PAL city-wide tournament on Monday

February 13, 2015

by Adel Alshammari

Students from different Schools in the New York Region will start their vacations by playing chess Monday at 1 p.m.. at the Police Athletic League on Madison Avenue at Ontario Street. Students, parents and community members are welcome to attend and play chess. The event will be supervised by Make A Right Move organization, which is associated with Eastern New York Chess Association.

This event will offer a chance for students and adults to play chess in a competitive atmosphere. So far, five participants have signed up to attend according to early registration records.  Also, international students are allowed to participate in this competition, which is considered a good opportunity for children to learn about other cultures. Participation awards will be distributed. Also, the Champion from each section will receive a trophy and a $25 gift card.

Students play chess during Albany High Chess Tournament/Adel Alshammari

Students play chess during Albany High Chess Tournament/Adel Alshammari

Chess is important because it contributes to improved mathematical skills of the students. It enhances problem solving skills and communication skills of youths. Moreover, It reinforces the confidence of students and encourages them to be decision makers in the future.

“The idea is to teach children from different ages and levels playing chess,” said brother John McManus, executive director of Make A Right Move organization, who started with the group in 1990. “Our organization is a private organization that is depended on donations from sponsors to continue run our activities.”

This is the second time in two weeks a chess tournament was hosted in the neighborhood.  Last Saturday, Albany High School gathered 84 participants who came from 20 schools to play chess. Players were assigned to different sections to play chess based on their ratings. These ratings are computed in accordance with the United States Chess Federation.

Liz Gialanella (Center) with her team at Albany High /Adel Alshammari

Liz Gialanella (Center) with her team at Albany High /Adel Alshammari

“It is really for children to learn chess, intellectual skills and behavior skills. Students through these competitions make new friends and have a nice experience to know about other school buildings,” said Liz Gialanella, the vice president of the chess club, and the coordinator of the district’s schools.

Among those at the  Albany High School chess tournament,  was 12- year-old Matthew Belfance, who participated in that event has seven years experience playing chess. Belfance said that he came with his mother from Kingston, New York to play chess and have a fun time with people.

Another participant in Albany School Chess Tournament was Nathaniel Mitzel, 12, who has played the chess for three years, said that he has learned a lot of strategies to play chess. Mitzel said players need to be patient to be able to think ahead how to move chessmen, and what a chessman will make the right move.

Anyone who is interested in playing chess can register online via the Make A Right Move organization website, and registration is free.

All information about the upcoming chess tournament is available on the Make A Right Move organization website. -30-

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