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Regional show features Albany High artists

February 7, 2015

by Molly-Kate Webster

José Vega is one of seven Albany High students to be selected to the juried art show being held at Saint Rose on Thursday. The film, “QT,” was made by him and his classmates Marissa Lachica, Aden Suchak, and Keivonta Graham.

“It is a surreal feeling,” said Vega when talking about his winning film. Suchak said that Vega came to him with the idea of a love story and said that he wanted to work with him to help his idea come to life. Suchak told Vega that this story wasn’t just going to be like any other love story, it had to be different. Vega drew off of his own personal experiences when it came to the idea behind “QT,” it was something that he had dealt with in the past. So with the help of Lachica, Graham, and Suchak the idea became a reality.

Senior Aden Suchak practicing “on air talent” with his classmates/Molly-Kate Webster.

Senior Aden Suchak practicing “on air talent” with his classmates/Molly-Kate Webster.

The film is about a high school boy who has a crush on a girl and that is all he can think about.  The short film goes on to show the struggles that come with having a crush, but at the end he doesn’t get the girl. Vega said that this is more realistic than most love story films you see today, there is no happy ending.

Vega said that his emotions bring out his creative ideas. The whole process took about two weeks to come up with the story and finish the film. The film was shot over two days in about three hours. Most of the film was shot after school because the students could not use the classroom during the day.

Lachia said that it was an eye opening experience because this was their first time working on a project together and now it has become something much bigger than they expected. “It gives us ambition to keep doing more,” said Lachia. Suchak and Vega have worked on projects in the past so Lachia said that she needed to learn how to jump in and figure out how to collaborate with the two.

Kathryn Wright, chair of the high school Art Department,  said that it is great to see students that she has had in the past become successful in the art field. She said that Vega won a arts contest in creating a new inspired logo for the school in a contest they had to reinvent the Albany school system logo a few years ago. Wright said that it is a good experience for the students to have their art featured in the exhibit because it gives them something to show off to potential colleges.
Art teachers select which students work will be presented to jury members. Wright said that they take the pieces and photograph them and send them to the board. From there they are selected and then will be featured in the exhibit.

Seniors Marissa Lachia and Jose Vega practice using TV studio cameras

Seniors Marissa Lachia and Jose Vega practice using TV studio cameras

“This is different from any other student show,” said Wright. The students are picked from an outside source not just their teachers. After the pieces are selected they have an opening night for the artists to come with their families to show off what they have done. Wright said that it is always a big event and that the students love it because they are honored for the hard work they put into their pieces.

Vega, Suchak, and Lachia said that they plan on going into the arts field.

. They plan on going into the arts field and learning about what else is out there. Suchak said that he wants to become a photo journalist in conflict zones. Ultimately what they all said was that they want to be happy making money doing what they love. Lachia said that her mom inspires her to work hard and to keep going.

The art exhibit will run at the Massry at Saint Rose from Thursday to the 25th. Admission is free and the reception will be held on Thursday at 6 p.m. with an awards ceremony at 7 p.m.

“I just want to be able to inspire people with what I do, even if it is just one percent of the way I have been inspired I will be satisfied,” said Vega.



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