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Remembering Connor Trapatsos

November 25, 2014

by Vanessa Langdon

Freshman student, Connor Trapatsos, was missing one month before his body was found in Coeymans by the Hudson River. Now, his mother, friends, and community members are mourning the loss of the 17-year-old whose smile they will not forget.

The red ribbons LuAnn Trapatsos handed out on Monday on the Saint Rose campus./Vanessa Langdon

The red ribbons LuAnn Trapatsos handed out on Monday on the Saint Rose campus./Vanessa Langdon

Trapatsos’ mother, LuAnn, was on the Saint Rose Campus Monday Nov. 24 handing out red ribbons in her son’s memory. She sat at a table outside the Camelot Room on campus interacting with students who came to pay their respects and get a ribbon to honor their classmate.

Trapatsos handed out the red ribbons because it was her son’s favorite time of year, “he celebrated red ribbon week everyday. Most high schools in our area celebrate it for one week in October.” Red ribbon week is a celebration of loving yourself and being drug free.

The Trapatsos family is remaining strong during this very difficult time, “it was very devastating but when we remember him it brings a smile to our face and we laugh remembering what he did and we’re lucky to be a part of his family,” said Trapatsos.

The Trapatsos family will be keeping Connor’s ashes at home surrounded by his favorite things. A monkey poster that he had in his dorm, which matches his little sister’s, a red ribbon week t-shirt, and a wax hand that he made at parents weekend at the college shaped like the Vulcon hand sign which means live long and prosper will all be placed with his ashes in the family’s home.

Trapatsos urged those mourning her son’s death to live as he did: doing what made him happy everyday. “I just want students to know it’s there life and what they can learn from Connor is to do what makes you happy don’t live it for anyone else,” said Trapatsos.

According to his mom, Connor was a funny, confident kid who was arrogant, but not a jerk. He loved the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and would re-watch them over and over. His sisters will be acting out his favorite scenes and the video will be posted on the “FindTrapper” Facebook page.

He was very particular about what he liked, Connor loved Burt’s Bees, Lindt chocolate truffles, and his hair wax imported from England because that’s what the lead singer of Muse wore. Connor was a chocolate fanatic who spent his $50 souvenir budget on his senior trip entirely on chocolate.

Students waiting to receive a ribbon./Vanessa Langdon

Students waiting to receive a ribbon./Vanessa Langdon

While he died young he achieved many of his goals. “He really met them. His goals were to graduate, go to college, have a girlfriend, have a pet and go to concerts,” said Trapatsos. He was a fan of alternative rock and had 48 favorite bands but 21 Pilots stand out from the rest, according to his mom. His iPod had 2,000 songs on it and he listened to all of them.

Friends and community members have been posting messages of love on his Facebook wall since his disappearance on Oct. 15. A friend, Julia Scott, wrote a song in his honor titled “What do I do-Song for Connor.” Saint Rose student Kaitlyn Burch wrote about meeting Trapatsos during the week of welcome, “We weren’t too close, but we did know each other and get really close for a night or two. I’m so glad I met you.”

The Saint Rose community lost a bright star and he will be missed. “He wasn’t meant to grow old here on Earth,” said Trapatsos. “It’s hard to say in words, words don’t capture him, the memories do.” -30-


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