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A Chapter Ending at Haddad Law

November 25, 2014

by Jessica LePore

After 40 years of practicing law and creating a business in the Pine Hills neighborhood, Edward Haddad will be retiring and handing over his firm at exactly 2:30 p.m. on February 18.

The Edward S. Haddad Law Firm, at 810 Madison Ave., is owned by Haddad, a sole practitioner, who knew the Pine Hills area was a good fit for what he wanted to do.

The law firm is active with real estate and corporate commercial work now, but has also handled a variety of cases, including issues around domestic relations.

Edward Haddad at his firm in Pine Hills/Jess LePore

Edward Haddad at his firm in Pine Hills/Jess LePore

In recent years, Haddad has spent more time working on foreclosures and evictions because of the struggling economy.

Some of Haddad’s work has played out not far from his office at Central Towers on Central Avenue, where property manager Michelle Hill said she has always  been satisfied with his eviction work over the last five and half years.

“I love Ed. He is really good at what he does,” Hill said. “He is fair, you know, he is very down to earth.”

The firm also handles commercial real estate as well, said employee Leesa Bedore, who handles bank closings and title work.

Originally from Elmira, almost 200 miles west of Albany, Haddad graduated from Albany Law School in 1974 and teaches continuing legal education courses there now. He said he has learned more teaching than when he actually takes the classes.

When he first opened his practice he spent eight years downtown before he bought his Madison location near the intersection at Yates Street.

“The price was right on the building and it was convenient to the courts and it had parking. Essentially an attorney is not really location specific,” Haddad said. “It’s not like having a storefront where you are going to get customers from the streets. Not many are from seeing the sign out front, it doesn’t matter.”

Haddad earned a bachelor’s degree from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, where he studied business and economics.

Since then he has developed a healthy practice, although he didn’t always know he wanted to practice law.

“Even in my senior year I wasn’t sure what direction I was taking,” Haddad said. He applied to a number of law schools after college graduation.

“Law came in and I said what the heck, why not law school, [I] fell where I belonged,” he said.

When he retires in three months, his firm will continue on with Pamela M. Robish’Wright, a lawyer who has worked with the firm for four years.

Haddad plans to occasionally stay involved, and will maintain his license and visit the court from time to time, but mostly, he plans to travel.

“I am putting together a scuba diving trip in Grand Cayman for the Spring,” Haddad said.  “I want to see countries on my bucket list – Italy, Greece, Australia. I want to see the Hawaiian Islands.” -30-


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