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Albany High Hosts Curriculum Fair

November 20, 2014

by Victoria Addison

Parents and students gathered in the Albany High School auditorium Wednesday night for the second annual Curriculum Fair. High school and eighth grade students had the chance to learn about the various educational programs Albany High has to offer.

Senior Emily Andrews (Center) was available to discuss the different AP courses that are offered to students at Albany High.

Senior Emily Andrews (Center) was available to discuss the different AP courses that are offered to students at Albany High.

The event began at 6:30 p.m. with an introduction from Principal Cecily Wilson-Turner, who briefed the audience on the main objective of the fair.

“What we have found over the last few years is that parents want more information about what courses are available to their students, what is required to take advantage of those courses, and how they can prepare their students to take advantage of those courses,” said Wilson-Turner. “That is how we came upon our curriculum information night, so that we have all of our departments here this evening to offer you more information to help you and your child help make an informed decision.”

Albany resident Anne Mahoney and her daughter Julie, who currently attends Myers Middle School, were among those in the crowd.

“We are very interested to find out about what’s coming up for next year. I think this event is a great idea,” said Mahoney.

Before exiting the auditorium, families were shown a video of current Albany High students who talked about reasons they like the school. Students spoke of  the diversity that comes with attending a big school and the many clubs and programs available. Following the video, Kim Baker, a guidance counselor, discussed a typical student schedule and the many class choices.

Potential students then had the opportunity to interact with teachers and current students as the crowd moved from the auditorium to the second floor hallway across the bridge, which was lined with tables offering information about the programs at Albany High. The tables showcased core and advanced placement classes, the International Baccalaureate program, as well as the many Career and Technical Education programs offered at the Abrookin campus.

“I think it’s important for the students to know their options of what they can take and that there’s not one set pathway for them,” said Erin Erickson, a math teacher at the school.

“It [the fair] helps prepare students to sign up for classes next year,” said Patrick Whitton, an automotive teacher at Abrookin. “It helps showcase all the programs that Albany High has to offer.”

Apart from teachers, current students and junior and senior class representatives were also at the event, fundraising and available to answer any questions sent their way.

Senior Emily Andrews discussed the many programs offered by the school as a representative of the AP Chemistry class. Andrews’ said her parents were originally hesitant about sending her to Albany High, but could not pass up on the opportunity once they found out about the many classes there. Andrews’ takes full advantage of the AP courses, and has taken many during over her high school career.

“I feel so blessed because a lot of schools consider these AP classes to be honor classes, but the fact that they are the normal classes for kids to take here makes me feel so much more prepared,” said Andrews.

Senior class president Kori Dobb said that Albany High has helped her find herself, something that most people say happens in college.

“It’s a great opportunity to come to Albany High,” said Dobbs, “Like when people say ‘you find yourself in college’, you can really find yourself in high school just by joining a club or making a new group of friends, it’s a great opportunity to come to this school.”-30-


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