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Woman stable after Madison accident

September 17, 2014

By Vanessa Langdon

A 22-year-old woman was listed in stable condition today at Albany Medical Center following a car accident Sept. 10 , according Ptl. Steve Smith, public information officer for the Albany Police Department.

Amy Sisson of Albany was traveling east on Madison Avenue last Wednesday when she lost control of her vehicle at the intersection of Madison and Quail streets.

Sisson’s car hit a parked car and her car flipped on the driver’s side, according to police.

“She was taken to the hospital after the accident with a significant injury to her left arm, there were no tickets filed in the one car accident,” Smith said.

Passerby Megan O’Halloran, 19, was the first person to arrive at the accident scene.

“I heard a screech and kind of a crash and saw the car flip over and immediately from there I decided to run,” said O’Halloran, a Saint Rose student. “I saw a lot of blood and I didn’t even realize her arm was sticking out of the car.”

The car was quickly turned right side up by five or six men who were nearby. O’Halloran stayed with Sisson until the ambulance arrived.

“I said we need something to cut the blood off and some girl gave me her sweatshirt and we tied that right before it was severed, right after the elbow, where the elbow bends,” she said. “We stopped the blood and I just kept talking to her and looking at her.”

Eyeglasses, a phone and a pack of cigarettes fell out of the car when it flipped, O’Halloran said.
There is no ongoing investigation, according to police. O’Halloran said, “I still get shaky when I talk about it.” -30-

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