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AHS Softball: Senior Jayda Bonarrigo

March 26, 2014

by Nicholas Buonanno

The Albany High School Lady Falcons softball team are scheduled to open the season at home Monday against Schuylerville Central High School. But the team may have to wait if the ground doesn’t thaw soon. The Falcons are hoping to improve their overall record from last season when they went 4 and 10. This season the team is looking for production from senior first baseman Jayda Bonarrigo, who bats cleanup.

Jayda Bonarrigo practicing with teammates/Nicholas Buonanno

Jayda Bonarrigo practicing with teammates/Nicholas Buonanno

The Albany High softball program has improved each season since she started school, she said, and she thinks the team will be more competitive this season with her help and the addition of more talented players on the varsity roster. Bonarrigo is determined to help her team improve. “I’m looking forward to making it to sectionals,” said Bonarrigo. With her final season coming up she has worked hard during the off-season to prepare better for this season.

During the winter she worked out with her father Joe Bonarrigo, who helped her prepare for her last year.

“I have her work on running endurance exercises and some days power lifting, try to mix it up every day like cross training style,” said her father and trainer.

“I’m happy to have her for one more season,she gets me excited for practice and games with her positive attitude,” said Zach Tacelli, varsity softball coach. Tacelli values her solid offense in her role as a senior athlete. She knows her role to help guide underclassman players and she is ready to take on that role this season.

Bonarrigo encourages her teammates by telling them “to hustle and give it all on and off the field, and not to get down and stay down.” In addition to playing for the high school,  she is a part of an after school club called STEP program, which provides additional academic help and mentoring for students.  “School work is always first,” said Bonarrigo.

Jayda Bonarrigo

Jayda Bonarrigo

“She does great, is a great student, she never has a problem getting any classwork done,”said coach Tacelli.  She works hard enough in softball and in school to maintain an 83 average.

During her spare times she enjoys drawing. Another thing that she enjoys doing when she is not in school or playing softball is hanging out with her friends and family. She is very close with her father, who supports her academic and athletic goals.

“She has a smile, that just helps to put me in a better mood whenever I see it,” said her dad.

Softball has always been a passion of hers since she started playing at age 9 at Westland Hills in Albany.

This season some college programs are expected to take a look at Bonarrigo, including Baypath College, a Division III. Her coach expects that college scouts will like the way she plays with her left handed power.

“This last season for me I just want to make every second on the field count and help my team win games,” said Bonarrigo.-30-


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