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Falcons fall to Brothers

January 23, 2014

by Lauren Klose

The Albany High Falcons boys varsity basketball team fell to Christian Brothers Academy 54 to 69 Thursday night. The Falcons did not go down without a fight though.

Cy-Mier Dace, an Albany junior, scored fast with two early foul shots. Quick on their feet, the teams went back to chasing each other across the court.

The first quarter ended with Falcon, Elijah Williams, who rushed to the basket and spun in mid air to get around the defense of the opposing team for 2 points for the Falcons.

The Falcons proved to have a strong defense, stopping the Brothers from making shots on more than one occasion. Brothers player Matt Hamel, stole the ball right out the Falcons possession and made a basket before the Falcons could get their defense to the other side of the court. With the score at 30 to 38 the Falcons cheerleaders rallied up the fans who started to stomp their feet in time with the cheer.

Back on the court the Falcons started the second half of the game with a bang. Dace took position of the ball and made a perfect 3 point shot within the first 30 seconds. Albany player Shaliem Caldwell literally walked all over the competition to source another 2 points when a Brother’s player was knocked down underneath him. Falcon Kevin Callender stole the ball back almost immediately to get another basket for the team. In response Brother, Greig Stire made a slam dunk for his team. The quarter ended with the Falcons in possession of the ball and the score at 45 to 51.

The Falcons huddle together for a quick time out to discuss plays.

The Falcons huddle together for a quick time out to discuss plays.

With the minutes of the last quarter ticking by, the players of both teams rushed to score as many points as they could. In a moment of confusion or perhaps bad footing, players Dace and the Brother’s Dan Owens collided causing both of them to crash to the floor. Trying to encourage their team, Falcon fans chanted defense and re-bound as the Falcons tried to keep the Brothers from scoring. The game ended with the Brothers holding onto the ball for as long as they could before the Falcons took possession, missing their last shot made in the final 10 seconds.

Before the game began an award was given to the Ramon Leigh, who is a great supporter of Albany High School. Leigh was awarded a plaque which named him the “The Number One Falcon” as well as the student section of the bleachers the Ramon Leigh Flacon Nest.

“It’s all about building culture,” said head Coach Sean Brown. This is Brown’s first season with the Falcons after working with the LaSalle institute in Troy for five years. Brown has been an active member with the city’s youth for years and plans to bring the Falcons back to their fullest potential. The team is taught about structure and discipline where the importance of grades is stressed and the coaches teach their players skills that can be used outside of the gym. “Whether they realize it or not they are leaders within their community,” said Brown.

Despite the loss, Dace said that the team has gotten more skilled this year with their defense and offense becoming a lot stronger. Senior Amir Shabazz agreed with him in that their new coach pushes them a lot harder to become more efficient in their play. Off the court they said that Brown makes sure their academics are up to standard by having them go to programs after school where they can get help with homework, studying and college essays. They also are involved with the Liberty Partnership Program which has college students come and talk to the players about opportunities for the future. Dace plans on studying either accounting or business in college while Shabazz hopes to pursue a possible career in Earth Science.

“It’s gonna take discipline, it’s gonna take structure, it’s gonna take perseverance,” said Brown. -30-


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