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Albany High School adds another win over Bishop Maginn

January 17, 2014

by Nicholas Buonanno

Albany High School Lady Falcons basketball team entered play on Friday night with a first place record in the Big 10 division with a 7-1 overall record and 3-0 in league play.  Going into this game Albany High was looking to add another win against Bishop Maginn. With another big lead tonight Albany defeated their opponents 63- 31.   Albany did not waste any time scoring early on with a commanding lead of 23-5 after the first quarter.

Albany took the lead with help from junior forward Mylah Chandler, who scored 12 points during the first quarter.  The majority of Chandler’s shots were made at the basket scoring many two point shots. The team played a tight defense and with well-executed rebounds to make way for  top scorers like Chandler.

Albany High School stuck to their game plan with having tight defense

“We come into every game focused on good defense, and …the team strives on their defense every game,” said Jillian Gonch, Albany’s assistant coach.

In the second quarter Chandler was only able to add two more points, but captain and forward Cara Waterson stepped up in place for Chandler during the second quarter. At the end of the second quarter Waterson scored 12 points to help up her team’s lead.

“The team played well together throughout the game and (it) was a good team effort not just one player that contributed to the overall win,” Waterson said. By the end of the second quarter Albany led 38-10.

Chandler said that, “the team’s goal going into every game play hard first half in order to gain a good lead for the second half.”

Albany did follow its team strategy in scoring more in the first half because in the third quarter Albany was only able to score 7 more points giving them a 45-27 lead. During this quarter Albany’s defense also slipped, allowing Bishop Maginn to add 17 points and cut the lead going into the final quarter.

During the final quarter Albany High’s defense came out stronger and only allowed Bishop Maginn to add 4 points. Defense was not the only thing that came back alive in the last quarter; Albany’s offense recovered playing as they did in the first two quarters. Albany added 18 points this quarter to bring the game final to a 63-31 win. Mylah Chandler and Cara Waterson led Albany in points scored with Chandler delivering 16 points and Waterson adding 17 points.

“The team felt confident going into this game”. Chandler than added that “ after her slow second half, coach Gonch just told her to keep going and finish strong.”

“Communication on the court between the team was strong, the team moved the ball well and good overall court vision for the team,” said Waterson.

“We have to keep going into games with the same mindset and stick to their strategy of having a solid defense and gaining a good lead early on,” said coach Gonch. The team has four regular season games left and then would move on to the playoffs. The next game is scheduled for January 25 against Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons at Albany High School.-30-


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