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Clock keeps ticking

November 22, 2013

by Matthew Woods and Lauren Halligan

City inspectors delayed again Friday a scheduled inspection of a vacant property on Park Avenue for which the owner requested yet another extension to get the property in line with city code regulations.

A fire at the house 17 years ago left the building uninhabitable and in disrepair and owner Patrick Landers has repeatedly requested time to fix it up. Neighbors have complained to the city about the property’s appearance and hazardous condition but to no avail.

681 Park Ave./Lauren Halligan

681 Park Ave./Lauren Halligan

At least three men at 681 Park Ave., including Landers, were on site working on the property Friday, the same day the inspection was initially scheduled. But, after the inspection date was confirmed this week, Dave Aumand, a code enforcement inspector, told the Pine Hills blog that the owner asked for yet another extension. The city agreed for the umpteenth time to give Landers four more weeks to get the property up to code.

Meanwhile, on Friday afternoon, when two Pine Hills blog student reporters visited the location to take pictures of the renovation work, they were verbally harassed and in one instance, threatened as they stood across the street from the house.

Landers said Friday that he has active building permits for the property and that “everything is paid for in this building.”


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