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New Salon on Madison Avenue

November 6, 2013

by mariagesek

A new salon named The Styling Firm Barbering and Hair Care Studio opened at 1080 Madison Ave. next to Trustco Bank in Albany. The store is owned and managed by a husband and wife team, Freddie and Serriah Johnson.

This studio caters to both male and female clients and it claims to be the only natural hair care salon in the Albany area, which sets it apart from the others. The shop offers barbering, haircuts, natural hair styling, facial cuts, nail art, manicures, pedicures, permanents, and full salon services. This is the first location and brand new start for The Styling Firm.

Freddie and Serriah are owners and both work at the salon on a daily basis.

Freddie and Serriah are owners and both work at the salon on a daily basis.

Before settling down in Albany this husband and wife had separate careers. Serriah had her own natural hair care shop in Baltimore and Freddie worked as a barber at Crossgates Mall. Both had been in the hair care business for quite a while. Freddie was working professionally since 1996 and Serriah since 1998. They decided that if they owned one place and worked together, it would be a better investment for them. Freddie does the barbering for the shop while Serriah emphasizes her work in natural hair care. They found it was better working together. The shop also has one other barber, one barber’s apprentice, and two cosmetologists. They enjoy the atmosphere inside the store and they offer twice as many services in one location.

Serriah said about working with her husband, “he is my partner for life… and I love working with him”
The natural hair care services that Serriah offers are designed for ethnic women. She shows ethnic women- African American, biracial, or Latino- ways that they can style their natural hair without adding chemicals, weaves, or extensions. This typical helps women with kinky or curly texture to their hair who may have trouble knowing how to style it. Serriah encourages women to take out the extensions and stay away from the chemicals and learn to love the hair you have. She also does defining to braids, dreadlocks or “locks”, weaves, extensions, or curls.

“We want to style your hair the healthiest way we can do it,” Serriah said.

The salon offers $10 haircuts to college students.

The salon offers $10 haircuts to college students.

Their salon has a strong emphasis on healthy hair care. Their business offers consults before and after appointments. They suggest a home care regimen to keep hair looking its best and know when to come back. The shop welcomes customers of all ages.

The Styling Firm on Madison Avenue next to Trustco Bank

The Styling Firm on Madison Avenue next to Trustco Bank

The two had looked at many locations before deciding on the Madison Avenue store. This was the best store for them because of the amount of foot traffic in the area and the close proximity to the college campuses.

To help get the word out about their new store, the couple has special events and promotions. Each quarter they hold a natural hair show, the most recent was in April. It is a fun event where they have musical performances, questions and answer sessions, and giveaways. The next show is planned for November 10th. They also have promotions such as $10 haircuts for college students. To help with the publicity of their business Serriah has created a Facebook page, makes flyers, writes the advertisements, and press releases.

“She handles all the advertising for our business, she does a great job at getting the word out,” Freddie said.

The Styling Firm is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The shop has been busy since the opening in August.

“Business has been great and we hope for the best,” Serriah said.-30-


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