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Board of Contract and Supply authorizes spending

November 6, 2013

by jordanguerra

Bidding for the completion of a paramedic response vehicle and the construction of the Albany water board storage shed took center stage Wednesday afternoon, as the Board of Contract and Supply conducted its routine meeting. City treasurer Kathy Sheehan attended one of her first meetings as the city’s new future mayor.

Before bids were considered, the board addressed a change in salary for a new clerical assistant position slated for the Office of Administrative Services. The new assistant begins work Nov. 25 at an annual salary of $38,000, an expense already accounted for the in 2013-14 budget.

In addition, the board addressed two upcoming settlements related to operation errors by the Albany Police Department and Department of General Services. An automobile break-in was recently reported to APD, and upon arrival officers found a vehicle with a broken rear window. Officers at the scene immediately ordered the car to be towed without the authorization of the owner who was working at the time of the break-in. The towing resulted in the owner initially paying to have her car released so she could have the window fixed. The city of Albany will disburse $249 to the car owner for towing expenses.

“The Police Department should have some form of agreement with the towing company so that the car can be immediately released to the individual and we’ll settle the expenses between ourselves,” said Sheehan, who expressed discontent with police towing protocols. Sheehan said the process of reclaiming a towed vehicle should be simplified and made more convenient for Albany residents. “She shouldn’t have to write a check to get her car out of the tow lot.”

In addition, the Department of General Services was under review after one of its workers inadvertently dropped a garbage can on a city resident’s car, and causing extensive damage. The owner was asked to collect repair quotes from mechanics and the city agreed to pay the lowest quote.

After the Board finalized outstanding settlements, Nala Woodard, the Albany City Clerk, presented several contracts for discussion.

Nala Woodard, Albany city clerk, presents proposed bids/Jordan Guerra

Nala Woodard, Albany city clerk, presents proposed bids/Jordan Guerra

Accelerated Media Technology, headquartered in Auburn, Mass., was awarded the contract for the completion of a paramedic response vehicle, to which the city has appropriated $32,500. Accelerated Media technology submitted the lowest bid of $34,891 for the completion of the vehicle, and $700 for the associated custom front bumper. Next, Woodard presented the contract for the construction of the Albany water board storage shed, to which the city has appropriated $60,000. The contract was awarded to J C Structures Inc., headquartered locally in Schenectady, for submitting the lowest bid of $419,000. This particular contract caused mass confusion among board members, when those in attendance pointed out that the original proposal called for a $60,000cost for the shed.

“This must be a type-o,” said Randall Milano, city engineer, pointing to the obvious underestimate related to such a large construction project. Board members plan on further investigating this matter to get the water shed underway in a timely fashion.

Woodard concluded the meeting by formally announcing four upcoming projects that will go out for bid shortly. The city has plans to seek requests for proposals to purchase a bucket truck with a mounted 40-inch insulated telescopic articulating aerial devices. The city is also shopping for car wash services for its fleet and is int he market for both  potassium permanganate and liquid chlorine.

The Board of Contract and Supply processes contracts for all city purchases that exceed $20,000 and all public works projects that exceed $35,000. Bidders for these contracts submit their bids through the  mail in the form of official check or bid-bond. The Board is also responsible for holding public auctions for all city-owned real property.-30

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