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Albany Boys Track Beat Troy Monday

April 16, 2013

by Eamonn Coughlin

The Albany High School track and field team had its first dual meet of the season at Troy High School Monday. The Falcons competed against Troy High and LaSalle Institute for a crucial start to the season. The boy’s side beat Troy High, 96-69, but lost to the Cadets of LaSalle, 70-99. The girls’ team fell just short to Troy High, 73-89.

Multiple bolts of lightning and heavy rain cancelled the original meet on April 10. The girls 800 meter had just ended and the boys were on the starting line ready to run when the first flash of lightning occurred. The remaining races were rescheduled for April 15.

Philo Germano was able to help carry the Falcons onto victory over Troy with his dominance in the 800 meter, 1600 meter, 3200 meter, and was part of the winning 4×800 meter relay team. The only other winner from Albany was Dan Lacetti in the High Jump. The Falcons struggled in the other field events, which is where Troy High made up some ground. Apart from Germano and Lacetti, LaSalle beat Albany in every event and came second in those that Albany did win.

Philo Germano dominated the early season dual meet (Photo Credit: Eamonn Coughlin)

Philo Germano dominated the early season dual meet (Photo Credit: Eamonn Coughlin)

This is just the start of the season that Germano was hoping for. His goal was to get out and hold on for the win, which is exactly what he did.

“It was definitely a good start to the season,” said Germano.  “I’m glad how things turned out. It was nice and smooth. I did my goals just get out and start well.”

Coming off a week of training in the hills of Lake Placid, Germano stated that his 4 minute, 35 second 1600 felt a lot easier and smoother than he thought it would.

Head boys Coach Matthew Ayscue was pleased with the beginning of the season, especially with the boys 4×800 relay team. He also believes that Germano had a great Big 10 season debut.

“Philo looked great, he came out ran and was averaging right around 30 seconds per 200 and that’s what we’re looking for. And then the mile he came back and ran a 435,” said Ayscue. “For the first meet of the year, I’m very happy.”

The lady Falcons were unable to pick up a win against Troy High despite first place finishes in multiple events. Albany controlled the sprints, the 800, the 4×800 relay, and the high jump. They were unable to gain any points in the 4×100 due to the lack of a team. Both teams had winners in eight events; however the second and third place finishers pushed Troy past Albany. The girls also struggled in the field events as did the boys.

Part of the reason Coach Ayscue said both teams struggled in the field events is because of injury. With the boys missing their top triple jumper, valuable points were missing. However, Ayscue knows that the end of the season is more important.

“It’s about the end of the season not right now. So if we need to take it easy on our athletes were never going to risk injury for a performance,” said Ayscue.

Head boys Coach, Matthew Ayscue, reads splits to Germano in the 1600m (Photo Credit: Eamonn Coughlin)

Head boys Coach, Matthew Ayscue, reads splits to Germano in the 1600m (Photo Credit: Eamonn Coughlin)

One of the more notable races of the day included the girls’ 800 meters which Blessing Uzoeshi won. Uzoeshi, who usually competes in the shorter races, started her season with the half mile.

“We ran Blessing up. She missed the vacation week off so she hadn’t run, so we ran her in the 800. Blessing ran a 2:49, for a sprinter it’s impressive,” said Ayscue.

Coach Ayscue knew that the boys would have a tough time with LaSalle. LaSalle has always been strong in the distance races and are now even stronger in the sprints. Ayscue also thought that Troy would be good competition for the girls’ team, which they were. Troy dominated the longer distances where, unlike the boys’ team, they could not match their opponents.

The Boys team moves to a 1-1 Big 10 record while the girls fall to 0-1.

Ayscue realizes the season has just begun and is pleased the kids are having fun. “It’s still early in the season so they’re not supposed to be running fast,” said Ayscue. “But I’m happy; I’m thrilled the kids had a good time. We had high numbers out here running today. I’m satisfied.” -30-


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