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Jamison Confirmed as Commissioner by Common Council

February 4, 2013

by Jackson Wang

ALBANY—The City Common Council unanimously confirmed Jeffrey Jamison as Albany’s new Commissioner of the Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance on Monday night.

Jeffrey Jamison was appointed as Commissioner by Mayor Jerry Jennings on Jan. 1st. (Photo Credit: Jackson Wang)

Jamison, who’s been working for the city since 2005, was appointed commissioner by Mayor Jerry Jennings on Jan. 1st.

“I really want to thank the entire Common Council,” said Jamison, as he spoke to the entire council and audience.

Jamison talked to the crowd about his experience of attending neighborhood meetings and how he was seriously and sincerely encouraged by the passion and commitment of the people he’s met in different neighborhoods.

“I ask we continue to grow as one team,” said Jamison.

He also said 2013 will have bigger challengers and hurdles, and asked the people of Albany to face it together.

“We have to make these changes, fix it, and move on,” said Jamison. “I want Albany to be the model of how you fix code enforcement and urban life.”

Jamison received much praise by the council during Monday night’s meeting.

Councilman James Sano said city residents will benefit from from this appointment.

“He’s fair to people,” said Sano. “You’re going to see quality of life take off.”

Sano described Jamison as consistent, especially with his job of enforcing laws.

He also said some people criticize Jamison for doing too little, while others say he does too much. “If that is the case, then it’s just right,” said Sano.

“I’m very glad to pass this,” said Joseph Igoe, a council member from the 14th Ward. “I believe he’s brought us out of the dark ages.”

Councilman Anton Konev commended Jamison for his ability to take on difficult tasks. He also praised the commissioner for working out tough situations to make people satisfied.

“From neighborhood associations to business associations, he makes everyone happy,” said Konev.


The Common Council confirmed Jeffrey Jamison as Commissioner on Monday, Feb. 4, 2013. (Photo Credit: Jackson Wang)

Prior to his appointment as commissioner, Jamison held the position of director of buildings. Jamison said he told the mayor he would take the job, but it was going to have to be fixed.

Jamison wanted to work closely with the mayor by reporting directly to Jennings himself.

Jamison said he also wanted Albany to exemplify how to reduce energy use and better the entire community. The only way this can be done is by engaging all the stakeholders and being there, Jamison said. The stakeholders represent the police, fire department, Department of General Services, and parks and recreations.

“To have all the puzzle pieces fit, you have to have everybody at the table talking,” said Jamison.

The commissioner has experience dealing with building and code issues, and working with the council in the past. During his tenure working for the city, Jamison was also a land use attorney for Albany.

“We can really, really bring quality of life back,” said Jamison. -30-


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