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One Morning Star

May 6, 2011

by Kedesha Williams

Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church (Kedesha Williams)

The Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church will celebrate its 10th annual Men’s and Women’s Day Saturday at its Quail Street site.

The event is designed to recognize all of the men and women who are actively involved in the church. Congregation members will be lauded for their service as worship leaders, choir members, deacons, and deaconesses.

“My experiences at Morning Star are always uplifting and positive,” said John Franklin Lyde Jr, pastor and teacher since 2001.”I share my passion of Christ to the congregation.”

The Church came out of Israel Ame Zion church 116 years ago. Morning Star is now the oldest African American church in Albany. On April 17, Morning Star celebrated its 117 anniversary.

Since Lyde has become pastor at Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, he has introduced changes. In 1996 he initiated renovations, including the installation of an elevator  for the elderly congregants and seating was also reconfigured.

“The church can now seat over 50 people comfortably.”

One mother of two recently shared her first Easter visit there with her children.

“I am looking for a church that will make my children and I feel at home I have been to two other churches in the Capital Region, and none of them can compare to Morning Star,” said Taria Morrison, 25.

Another local resident, Kaye Nelson, 35, is hoping to join the singing at the church.

“Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church has the best choir. I hope I can sing with them one day,” said Nelson.

“I love Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church as a whole. I love the people and the positive vibe. No Church can hold up to their standards. This is why I am here to stay.”

Regular services at the church are held Sundays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 159 Quail St. -30-


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