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Warm temps fan doggie tempers

April 12, 2011

By Kayla Germain, Lexie Guccione, Jackie Abukhalaf, Darren Boysen, Christine Kenyi, Alicia Legg-Karaskiewicz, and Mike Carroll

A man was bitten twice by a leashed dog in Washington Park Tuesday evening and taken to Albany Medical Center. It was the first bite of the 2011 season, according to the Albany Fire Department.

Firefighter Rob Potter said a young girl was holding a leashed dog – a pit bull – while her older brother used the lakehouse restroom. When the victim walked around the corner of the lakehouse, the dog became scared and broke free. The dog bit the man twice, puncturing his skin and tearing his jeans.

“The girl was too little to hold him back, so the dog broke free,” said Potter, who has been with the department for 10 years. “They said they were going to get their mother, took off, and never came back.”

The changing seasons increases the incidence of dog problems, according to Animal Control Officer Jason Hogan, who

Animal Control Officer Jason Hogan assesses the scene

was at the scene. Hogan said that when vicious dogs are seized owners are fined and the animal is taken to the Mohawk Hudson River Humane Society. According to the Albany Police Department Animal Control redemption form, dogs that bite are held for 10 days. The fee to hold the animal is a $65, plus an additional $516 fine that must be paid in cash.

“Once the weather gets warmer, we’ll start to see more of it,” said Hogan regarding dog incidences. Another dog incident also happened in the park Tuesday evening.  Robert Hunt, a Pine Hills resident, was in Washington Park walking his two pit bulls, Napoleon and Dutchess, when they were attacked by an unleashed dog.

The officer that responded to the incident did not wish to comment, and neither did the owner of the unleashed dog. However, other dog owners and frequent users of the park, Abiola Adejumo and Jaime Peters, said that keeping dogs on leashes is a vital part of the general safety of all the users of the park.

Another Pine Hills resident who owns three basenjis walks his dogs frequently around the neighborhood, including Washington Park.

“Last year I saw a dog break free from his leash but nothing happened,” said Arnett Brown Tuesday. “I’ve never had any problems with biting.”

One of Brown’s basejis is skittish around people and is kept on a stronger leash to prevent incidents. “Inside, he’s good but outside he is alert of other things and doesn’t like to be bothered,” said Brown. “I usually keep him separate and let people know when they walk by, I inform them before they pet him. People usually know me so they know not to pet this one.”

City of Albany Animal Control recommends keeping all dogs leashed in public venues to deter any possible incidents. For more information please visit or call Animal Control at 434-5091.  -30-

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