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Grammy nominee wows sold out Massry Center crowd

March 31, 2011

By Mike Carroll and Darren Boysen

Sold Out Sign in Front of Massry Center (Mike Carroll)

Grammy nominated guitar player Tim Reynolds treated fans at the sold out Massry Center to two hours of his unique sound Wednesday night.  “To put into words what we really saw doesn’t do it justice. He is just amazing,” said Joe Davis of Albany. At times it would seem that more than one person had to be on stage as Reynolds layered sounds upon other sounds. Reynolds explaining his acoustic style said, “it comes from an older tradition mixed with some of this new technology maybe a little far out.”

The rarity of Reynolds’ solo acoustic performance offered him a chance to play new material, while also performing old fan favorites.  During the sound check, Reynolds said that “the most fun is to play the newest things I’ve learned… Every gig is a different experience,” said Reynolds.

“He can do things with a guitar that 99% of musicians are incapable of.  I feel that his work is very unique, especially in current-day music where catchy pop tunes dominate the landscape,” said Michael Allen from Binghamton.

Before the show Reynolds’ explained performances should be not only about the music but evoking emotions with the crowd. “There is just something about an experience of a song that takes you on a journey, that’s what I really dig about music the journey and the feeling,” said Reynolds. His diverse musical talents and ability to play different genres has made him a favorite among music fans, along with a Grammy nomination.

Reynolds, who is most well known as the lead guitarist of the Dave Matthews Band, also plays guitar and sings in his own

Tim Reynolds practiced during a soundcheck Wednesday (Mike Carroll)

band TR3 and occasionally performs solo acoustic performances like Wednesday’s. Explaining the difference of touring solo compared to being with the Dave Matthews Band Reynold’s said “it’s really different… but all stages are really kind of the same you’re just there with the music…but in a way the audience plays you.”

Throughout the performance Reynolds alternated between musical songs and ones where he also sang.  He stopped only briefly every now and then to say thanks or make a quick joke.  “I’m in really committed relationships, gonna get my other girlfriend now,” Reynolds joked as he switched from his six string to 12 string guitar.

Reynolds made sure those in attendance knew he appreciated them being there.  While thanking the crowd he explained that the next song went out to them.  “This song is dedicated to you, it’s called Hug, I’m gonna give you a hug,” said Reynolds.  Reynolds also received a cheer when he made sure to recommend The Point Restaurant to those in attendance, describing his waitress as a “beautiful water goddess.”

Reynolds and Pine Hills Blogger Mike Carroll (Darren Boysen)

Reynolds’ concert was part of the Massry Center’s Premiere Performances.  These shows bring both well known and emerging musical talents from a wide variety of genres to the Saint Rose campus.  “Concerts like these draw new people to the campus and make them think ‘Wow there are some great things happening here at the College.’ Having a name like Tim Reynolds on campus also helps raise the profile of the school and makes people notice the Massry Center as a player in the music scene in the Capital Region,” said Sal Prizio, programming manager at the Massry Center for the Arts.

“I just love these kind of theaters for playing acoustic music,” Reynolds said. “These kinds of venues generally are more conducive to playing acoustic music you know, so I kinda dig that.” -30-

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