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Cashing in on text books

December 17, 2010

by Shannon Saiid

When University at Albany student Peyton Plaise went shopping for the best deal to sell back his school books he ended up at the Cash for Books van parked Thursday in the Price Chopper parking lot on Madison Avenue.

“I want to see if I can get more money because, I think what I got from U Albany, I could have gotten more,” Plaise told The Pine Hills.

Selling back textbooks (Shannon Salid)

Finding the best deals is easier for students because Penn Text Inc. takes its Cash for Books van on the road to where students live. Students waited in line in the bitter cold, in some instances, because their own schools would not take back certain books. In at least one case, a newer edition of the book will replace the edition used this semester.

With its doors wide open, the Cash for Books van was offering what they consider “better prices” for student books, giving back anywhere from 25 cents to $60. At 1:20 p.m. Thursday, some 29 individuals that day had already sold back books at the van.

“We are doing our very best to beat the bookstore and local bookstore prices,” said Kiersten Shonegard, the afternoon vendor. “The van has been living by this motto since 2006 when they first started to travel and buy back books.”

The brightly colored Cash for Books van landed in the Pine Hills “because we know The

Van stationed in Price Chopper parking lot. (Shannon Salid)

College of Saint Rose is here and we know SUNY Albany is right down the road…and Hudson Valley Community College,” Shonegar said. “It’s a great place to help out students and have them help us out at the same time.”

For Hudson Valley Student Innow Powell, selling her books back to the Penn Text INC is more of a money game “I’m done with school, I’m working I got two jobs, just turned 18… I’m getting money.” She also appreciates the convenience of the van.

Even the Price Chopper’s Michael Brennan, co-manager, said the Cash for Books van was a great idea because it brings “people into the [Price Chopper] parking lot, and outside the campus.”-30-


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