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‘Green living’ workshops stress sustainability

October 22, 2010

by Jackie Abukhalaf

The importance of ‘green living’ will be the featured topic at a session conducted by M.L. Healey, a sustainability expert, at The Woman’s Club of Albany Thursday night. The workshop will focus on strategies to reduce consumption and conserve energy at home; the exploration and importance of buying local foods; and ideas for time management.

“Bringing Sustainability Home: Incorporating Sustainability Thinking into Our Lives” is series to introduce key

The Woman’s Club of Albany, 725 Madison Ave. (Jackie Abukhalaf)

concepts of sustainability thinking in order to develop a more balanced and satisfying life.  The workshop is intended to inspire participants to embrace a green lifestyle and eliminate overwhelming excess clutter.  The Thursday workshop at the club at 725 Madison Ave. runs from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Healey, of Green Martha & Company, specializes in organization and also works as a consultant, coach and hands-on laborer.

“Sustainability thinking is about order and balance. It creates more space for our lives,” said Healey.  “There’s a natural tipping point that our society seems to be approaching.  We need to understand what’s really important and not be a part of the rat race.”

Workshop participant Mary Bryan, a resident of the Westview Center retirement community on Central Avenue in Albany, hopes to bring her knowledge back home to share.  “I want our community to embrace sustainability.  Our current recycling procedures aren’t adequate enough,” said Bryan.  “The Albany Housing Authority is trying to implement a new recycling program in retirement communities and I hope to have Westview be a part of it.”

Albany retirement communities aren’t the only ones who find sustainable living important.  Pat McDonald, the workshop’s event chair, said the topic is universal and one that all members of the community should embrace.

“If we teach the community how to live,” McDonald said, “it will help the people make their choices in favor of having a healthy community which will ultimately ripple out…it will hopefully be good for the community from an economic perspective, from a mental health perspective, from a social perspective.”

The fee for each of the workshops in the series is $22. Following the Thursday event, two additional workshops will take place at the club, one on Nov. 4, the other, Nov. 18.  Additional information is available from The Woman’s Club  at (518) 465-3626 or at -30-


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