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Social! Thursday Team Trivia Brings Fun to The Pub

April 29, 2010

by Jennifer Finn

ALBANY, NY – Trivia, a game that brings new teams, old teams, locals, and visitors

The Partridge Pub (Jennifer Finn)

from all over Albany together for a battle of the brains, happens every Thursday at the Partridge Pub. The Pub located at 869 Madison Ave, plays host to Memorama team trivia, which is a common activity around local bars in the Pine Hills area. Scott Grant, 39, owns the entertainment group and hosts trivia at  Washington Tavern and Juniors, along with other spots around the region. If you have attended one of the many games chances are you have met him or one of the people with whom he works.

As the game begins Grant always goes over the rules. Each round is worth 10 points but you have two double point rounds, which you can choose, excluding the first round. There are 10 rounds total. If you win a round, even if it was due to a double point round, your team wins a free pitcher of beer. There is also a bonus question referred to as the ‘baffler.’ The baffler at the end of each round asks teams to identify a person, place or thing. The hint can be something as simple as, “I am a toy.” If a team guesses the right answer before anyone else then it wins a round of free shots. If a team manages to win the game, the grand prize is a $25 gift card to the bar. Any person or persons caught using technology including a cell phone is asked to leave the game. If there is an obviously easy question participants yell, “”Social,” and the whole bar raises their glasses and drinks together. If there is a tie during any of the rounds then one person from each team must go up and answer a tiebreaker question without any assistance from their team. This can prove to be difficult because of the variety of categories.

The categories are wide ranging and can be anything from geography to movies. “Don’t let the titles fool you though, some of them are not as easy as you might think,” said John Longo, a semi-regular for team trivia. Longo, 23, is originally from West Stephentown and recently graduated from Oneonta. “I come here to see my friends, drink a little, and answer some questions,” he said.

Some rounds can include photographs and can require the team to match the picture with names, titles, awards, or anything else Grant can think up. “During Christmas there was a picture round that had celebrities to identify but they all had Santa suits and beards over them so it was difficult to tell who they were but fun to try to figure it out,” said Longo.

There are many returning teams but newcomers are always welcome as Darryl Miller, 24, found out recently. Miller is originally from Albany but has been living in Florida for the past couple of years because of a job opportunity there. “This is my first time at trivia but I’m having a lot of fun,” yelled Miller over the blasting music that plays in between rounds. “It’s just a really great neighborhood and you have people from all different colleges in the area,” he said. “ It’s a good place to run into friends you haven’t seen in years,” he added.

Grant recently hosted A Tournament of Champions at the Roadhouse Grill, which consisted of winning teams from all over the area and featured prizes such as tickets to the NCAA Sweet 16, ski passes, and movie gift cards. “We plan on doing another one because we had such a good time doing the first one,” Grant said.

Rahkeem Morris, 24, another Albany native is a recent graduate from Cornell University and tries to attend trivia on a weekly basis. “It’s the only time during the week I get a chance to see my friends without staying out too late,” said Morris who is keeping busy with his new job at GE. Morris explained that because the game starts at 9 p.m. and ends at 11 p.m., it gives him enough time to get there and doesn’t keep him out too late on a Thursday night.

Brian Murray, 25, is on Morris’s Team, SFSA, and agrees that an early night is a good thing during the week. “I also noticed that there are more challenging and interesting questions than other trivias I have attended,” he said. Grant said that he pulls the questions for each week from numerous places including the Trivial Pursuit Board game. “One thing is always true for the questions though, I always make sure they are correct and that the questions are accurate,” said Grant.

Trivia happens at ‘the Pub’ every Thursday and it starts at 9 p.m. it is open to anyone who is 21 or older and it is free of charge. If you arrive after the first round Grant will unusually be able to catch you up in between rounds or during halftime. “Its nice to be able to go somewhere with friends and actually have to think, outside of school of course,” said Miller as he raised his glass for a “SOCIAL!”


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